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Ramsden Small is a dynamic general service firm offering a wide variety of legal services primarily in respect of civil litigation, family law and commercial law. We handle most forms of civil litigation, including but not limited to matters involving general contractual dispute, delictual claims, divorce and family law matters, labour disputes and disputes in respect of corporate governance and compliance.
Our team has a diverse skill set and as such our professional staff members often work together in order to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions drawing on principles from different areas of law.

In the commercial law space, we engage in all forms of commercial drafting, the formation and structuring of companies as well as corporate compliance across the board. We offer turnkey corporate solutions in respect of business structures involving private companies at all levels. As with our litigation solutions, we often approach commercial matters as a team.

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We offer quality legal services in the following fields

We litigate in the arbitration arena in respect of large commercial disputes and also engage in arbitration in respect of employment related matters. Sean Ramsden has comprehensive experience in arbitration and handles most of the firm’s matters in this area.

Both of the directors have extensive experience in the field of child law, specifically in respect of parental rights, guardianship, care and contact. Jonathan Small is a specialist in this field and has experience both locally and abroad in respect of child law and acts for local and international clients in this area with reference to local and international child law and international convention. We also act for minor children where necessary and have experience in complicated abuse cases. Suné Bosch works extensively in this field, often alongside Jonathan.

All of our professional staff are involved in general civil litigation across the board. Sean Ramsden is the senior litigator at the firm and oversees all general civil litigation. Sean has extensive knowledge of most types of civil litigation and is well-known for his knowledge and ability in the field. In his own practice, Sean concentrates on large scale contractual disputes and deals exclusively in the upper courts. Jonathan Small also deals with general civil litigation in the High Court from time to time, whilst Suné Bosch handles all types of civil litigation in the Magistrates’ Court.

Both directors have extensive experience in commercial drafting across the board, although each of them have specific expertise in niche areas. Sean Ramsden concentrates on shareholder’s agreements, share sale agreements, memoranda of incorporation, employment and employment equity agreements as well as with agreements in respect of property. Jonathan Small concentrates on cyber-law and software development agreements, as well as general and end-user license agreements, distribution agreements, manufacturing and service level agreements. We have knowledge and experience in respect of both general and unique commercial agreements, including but not limited to franchise agreements, general terms and conditions, publishing agreements, agreements for the sale of movables, agreements in respect of the provision of certain financial services, loan and venture capital agreements as well as non-disclosure agreements.

We offer comprehensive legal assistance to clients in matters involving compliance with South African company law, as well as turnkey solutions in respect of business and company structures and company formation. Sean Ramsden deals extensively with high-end corporate governance disputes and both directors have experience in matters involving the delinquency of directors of companies and liquidations. We adopt an energetic and dynamic approach to problem solving in matters involving company law and corporate governance.

Although criminal litigation is not the focus of our Practice, our professional staff all have experience in this field of law and we assist clients in most types of criminal matters. Sean Ramsden has specific experience in specialised commercial crimes and has conducted matters in the specialised commercial crimes courts in Johannesburg and in Cape Town. We also have extensive experience in assisting clients with preparing criminal complaints in instances in which they have been the victims of crime and periodically sit on watching briefs in respect of such matters.

We adopt an assertive and practical approach to litigation in this field and consider it to be one of our primary areas of focus. Mr Ramsden’s extensive experience in high-end civil litigation is invaluable, as is Mr Small’s extensive and specific knowledge in the fields of divorce, child law, maintenance and domestic violence. In many of our litigated family matters, both directors work side by side in order to provide our clients with a dynamic service and powerful strategic advantage. We act primarily for male clients in divorces and matters involving the enforcement of parental rights in respect of minor children. Our clients are ordinarily high nett-worth individuals with intricately arranged financial affairs and complex (often unique) requirements regarding care and contact in respect of minor children. Suné Bosch handles divorce actions in the Regional Courts, where she appears and argues such matters personally. Her broad knowledge in the fields of maintenance, care, contact and guardianship in respect of minor children gives her a unique advantage in this forum.

We offer comprehensive estate planning solutions in respect not only of the setting up of mortis causa and inter vivos trusts, but also in respect of marriage and partnership planning in the form of ante nuptial contracts, universal partnership agreements and cohabitation agreements. Suné Bosch handles the administration of estates at the firm.

We provide a full service in respect of all matters pertaining to the family, including the removal of parental rights, the enforcement of parental responsibilities, domestic violence, the drafting, formalisation and enforcement of parenting plans, the application for and enforcement of maintenance as well as applications for the discharge of court ordered maintenance obligations. We also handle curatorship applications. Although both directors have extensive experience in the law of maintenance, Suné Bosch is primarily responsible for our maintenance matters as well as matters involving harassment and domestic violence.

We offer labour law assistance to a broad spectrum of clientele, including employers, employees and trade unions. Sean Ramsden is a well-known and widely respected labour practitioner and has argued many high-profile matters in the labour court. He has been responsible for significant legal developments in the field and features in the South African Labour Law Reports. Sean’s labour Practice is focused on assisting employers and trade unions and he frequently chairs disciplinary hearings. Suné Bosch offers assistance to employees in labour disputes and also has experience in chairing hearings and initiating the disciplinary process. We offer turnkey labour compliance to our corporate clients at all levels and keep such clients abreast of developments in this area of law.

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Jonathan and Suné have recently presented various strategic platform dialogues to colleagues in and around Johannesburg on behalf of over the past 3 months, in respect of various topics, primarily relating to professional challenges faced by attorneys in practice. These dialogues have been particularly well received and both Jonathan and Suné are due to continue presenting during August 2019.

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